The High C's - Stony Brook University's All-Male A Cappella Group!
We are outta here! The High C's have a brand new website and have moved on to greener pastures and redder color schemes. Not to worry! We'll still be updating the blog regularly, announcing upcoming shows and bringing you all of the a cappella goodness you've come to expect from us, we just won't be doing it from here anymore!

                                                                  So what are you waiting for? Get going, already!
Deepest apologies for being away for so long! Truth is, we're getting ready to set up our own website with our own domain name and everything! Yep, we're big boys now. In the next day or so, we'll be saying goodbye to this dreary blue backdrop that you've all come to know and...well, love is not the word I'd use. We'll put up a big-ass link here to direct everybody to our new internet home when the time comes, so keep an eye out! Plus, as an added bonus, we'll finally be showcasing the individual members of the High C's with a weekly profile! So much to look forward too.

Oh, and we have some shows coming up, I guess. Details soon!
The audition process is now over, and it is my pleasure to introduce Jayme Liardi as the newest addition to the High C's family! Congradulations Jayme, and a big thank you to everyone who came to audition for us!

Interested in getting to know each of the High C's a little more personally? You're in luck! Thanks to the miracle of the internet, we'll be posting a "Meet the High C's" series starting next week! We'll be showcasing each member of the current C's lineup over the next few months, so be sure to check back weekly to see who's in the spotlight next!

The new school year brings many changes, most of which are cosmetic! Not only will we soon have a shiny, new, not-dark-blue web page, we'll also be updating our wardrobe as well! Wanna see our new look? Come to a gig and see for yourself! Speaking of which, we'll have a list of our coming gigs up soon!
A big, big thank you goes out to everyone who attended the Meet & Greet Session last week! It was great getting to know you and performing for you; we hope some of you consider trying out!

Speaking of which, auditions are rapidly approaching! We will be holding auditions Tuesday, September 13th and Thursday the 15th at 8:30 PM, meeting in the Staller Music Lobby. Callbacks will be on the 18th at the same time. Any and all interested males are welcome to audition for us. If you are interested, you only need to show up on one of the dates highlighted above, and all you need to prepare is a verse and chorus of any song that you feel best fits your voice. Good luck to all who decide to audition, we look forward to hearing you!

We've spent the summer finding ways to jam pack the coming semesters with sweet a cappella goodness. We've got three major concerts and an invitational, an awesome guest speaker, an honest-to-God CD AND a Christmas EP, and an overhaul of both our repertoire and website! Plus, we've been invited to sing at a wedding in Manhattan! Phew! We'll be working hard to bring the best Stony Brook's a cappella scene has to offer, so stay tuned for plenty of information on all the stuff I just mentioned!
Welcome, first time a cappella fans an High C's faithful alike! We're entering the school year down a few members so that means it's audition time! The set dates are September 13th and 15th in the Tabler Arts Center. Any male vocalist can audition for us; all you need to prepare is one verse and chorus of a song that you feel best suits your voice. Callback dates have yet to be determined.

Interested in auditioning for us? Want to get to know us first? Come to the High C's Meet & Greet on September 1st in the Tabler Arts Center Black Box Theater! It's a great opportunity to get to know the guys and hear a few hits from our repertoire as well! Tell your friends, all are welcome!

We're planning some pretty rad shows and events for this year, so check back often to learn more about them!
You don't want to be lame, do you?

That's right, The Stony Brook A Cappella Collaboration Of the Century (or TSBACCOTC, if you really must make it an acronym) is right around the corner! Come to the Student Activities Center Auditorium on Saturday, May 7th, at 8:00 PM to see not only the High C's but SBU's all-female group, The Pipettes, perform in a joint concert! You can hear hits from both groups for the low, low price of nothing at all! That's right, it's totally free, so all you need to do is show up! You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll swoon, you'll dance, you'll pass out from the sheer volume of joy being directly broadcast into the pleasure center of your brain (please don't actually pass out, you'll ruin the evening and I know you don't want to be known as "that one guy that passed out at the concert")! The two of us are even working on a special song to be performed together, so it's an extra special occasion for all of us. Be there!

The High C's have officially elected a new executive board for the 2011-2012 semester! Our president will be Solomon Husain, our vice-president will be Jimmy Deats, our secretary will be Jeston Lewis and our treasurer will be Ben Hart! Congratulations to all of you! 

I, Mike Chipp, am still gonna be updating the website, though, so I guess I'm the webmaster or something. Hah! I'm still kinda in charge of something maybe!

Remember how last week I mentioned that one of our favorite professional a cappella groups SONOS was launching a donation drive to fund their new album and that they were about two or three thousand dollars away from reaching their goal and how I said that the goal could easily be reached by the evening of the next day? Well, they actually reached their $25,000 goal about three hours after that post was published! Go SONOS! Thanks so much to everyone who pledged even a small amount of money. You helped an awesome group make more awesome music. Check 'em out down there where the links are!

The High C's/Pipettes final show that you and all of your friends should totally come to - (please come)
The Pipettes -

We're back! Miss us? I would if I were you, 'cause we've got a big update!

We've got a big show on the horizon. Not only is it our final concert, but a collaboration concert with SBU's all-female a cappella group, the Pipettes! Come to the SAC Auditorium at 8:00 PM on May 7th and you get to hear both groups in one show! We'll also be singing a certain song together so, if anything, come for the High C's and the Pipette's first group performance! Also, just 'cause we like you, the show is absolutely free, so invite your friends! We've got a few smaller gigs before that as well. Later this week, we'll be performing for both Black Womyn's Weekend and Do It In the Dark, a solar powered concert hosted by the Environmental Club. Black Womyn's Weekend is Thursday at 6PM in the SAC Auditorium, and Do It In the Dark is on Friday at 9PM in Roth Quad.  Come check us out!

The school year is almost over, so that means we need to elect a new Executive Board! No offense, Randy, Brian, Jeston and Chipp, you've done well! Sadly, we must elect a new e-board because our group constitution tells us to. Tune in next week to see who's gonna be what next semester!

This next bit is important, so listen up! Sonos, a professional group that has not only heavily inspired us but personally given us help in the past, have launched a Kickstarter project to help finance their new album. Their album will feature all original music arranged by themselves, and YOU can help it along! By donating anything from $5 to $5,000 (if you have that kind of disposable income), you'll bring them closer to financing the album. Herein lies the problem. Kickstarter will only fund the album if a minimum of $25,000 is pledged. This money will be used to make the album, purchase newer equipment, and revamping their live show. The thing is, Sonos will get none of it unless that total is reached by May 1st at 3:00 AM EST, which is around 3 days from now. The good news is that, at the time of this blog entry, Sonos has already raised $23,817! With your help, this project can easily reach the $25,000 mark by tomorrow night! By donating, you will not only be helping a very talented group of people make some amazing music, but you will also receive a free copy of the album upon it's completion! You can find all the information for the donation drive at, and you can check out Sonos below. Thank you!

The Pipettes -
High C's/Pipettes Collab Concert -!/event.php?eid=110352409049935
Sonos -
Well, we did it; The Stony Brook High C's have been selected as official competitors for the Friday Night SMACC Down at the Social Media A Cappella Conference in Syracuse, NY! We're all overflowing with excitement. Bursting, even! For the first time, we'll be meeting Eight Beat Measure from Rochester, and Groovestand, Main Squeeze and Orange Appeal, all from Syracuse. Best of luck to everyone! We've been selected to compete against these four groups from the northeast for the chance to attain college a cappella glory. The first place prizes are pretty sweet, too: a 25% discount off of tickets for SMACC 2012, a feature spot and one song to be aired on the a cappella podcast Mouth Off!, a private Masterclass with a pro group at the event and the honor to open the professional showcase, featuring NoTa, Sonos and the Red States! We like. We like very much. All that's left to do is prepare our material and wait. 17 days to go...
We got tiger blood, man.

Centereach High School's annual A Cappella Invitational is a mere three days away! If you or anyone you know wants to buy tickets, you can either buy them at the door or get them from one of us ahead of time. All tickets are $7. Also performing at Centereach are two groups from SUNY Potsdam - the Pitches and the Pointercounts - as well as several groups from the local area and the high school itself and, for the first time ever, Stony Brook's own Pipettes will be joining us! The show starts at 7PM, so come support us!

SMACC (or the Social Media A Cappella Conference, for those of you who hate acronyms) is drawing closer and closer and, hoo-boy, we're excited! Not only are we going to see Sonos, The Red States and NoTa in concert that Saturday, but we may have the chance to compete for the chance to open for the professional showcase! We should know whether or not we are competing by tomorrow, so we'll make the results known. Now if only we could win as much as Charlie Sheen. Fingers crossed...
The High C's finally have a long-awaited travel opportunity! We're driving up to SMACC - the Social Media A Cappella Conference - in Syracuse, New York! SMACC is a three-day event, from April 1-3, created to showcase some of the most cutting edge a cappella music in the country. Along with workshops being held by some of the most forward thinking minds on the a cappella scene, SMACC will also be featuring performances by pro groups such as The Red States, Sonos and Nota, the winners of The Sing Off Season 1!

Now, while we're looking forward to this awesome learning opportunity, it's not the only reason we're going. For we also hope to compete against five other student groups in the Collegiate Competition! the 1st place winner receives vouchers for 25% off next year's SMACC, a free Masterclass with a pro group, the opportunity to open for the professional showcase on April 2nd and a feature spot on Mouth Off!, the premiere a cappella podcast! So, yeah, it's kind of a big deal. We've sent in an audition video and we should be learning of the results within the week. Fingers crossed, High C's faithful, fingers crossed...

Before SMACC, we've got a local gig to take care of! Next Saturday, March 12th, we're going to Centereach High School for their annual A Cappella Invitational. Come by if you want to support us as well as many other great groups!

Check out everything you need to know about the Social Media A Cappella Conferrence at