The High C's - Stony Brook University's All-Male A Cappella Group!
Incoming gig! Our friends at Centereach High School have invited us to perform at their annual A Cappella Invitational on Saturday, March 12th, at 7:30 PM! We'll be performing alongside several groups from the local area and Centereach High School itself, as well as the Pitches and the Pointercounts from SUNY Potsdam. Just in time too, 'cause we've got two new songs in the works: Trashin'  the Camp by Phil Collins/N'Sync and If I Fell by Paul McCartney/John Lennon! Both of these songs were arranged for a cappella by our own Solomon Husain and Roy Lotz, respectively. We'll have at least one of them ready for March!

Lastly, if anyone out there has an idea, suggestion, inkling, notion or hunch as to what songs you'd like us to hear, leave a comment her or on our Facebook page or Tweet us!

Check out the Pitches at
Check out the Pointercounts at

Loyal C's fans, wait no further! The High C's finally have gigs lined up for the Spring Semester!

First up, we're performing at Sing for CommUNITY, an outreach event hosted by the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. The event is on February 16th, from 7-10 PM in the Student Activities Center Auditorium. More information on the event can be found at the SBU Events page at .

Next, we're heading back to good old Centereach High School for their annual A Cappella Invitatonal! Also performing there will be the Pointercounts and the Pitches, both from SUNY Potsdam, as well as a number of local high school groups. The event will take place on the evening of March 12th at Centereach H.S. in Centereach, NY. You can check out the Pointercounts at and the Pitches at

Finally, we'll be at ChinaBlue's Semi-Formal event on April 13th in the Student Activities Center Ballroom A! ChinaBlue is a Chinese-American organization at SBU that produces weekly radio shows through WSBU 90.1 to serve the Chinese community on campus. You can visit ChinaBlue's website at, as well as the WSBU 90.1 website at We hope to see you there!

In other news, our new members finally have their group sweatshirts - er, uniforms - so now, once again, you know we're legit! 
"But, High C's," you say, "I was once a member of your prestigious organization yet I have all but naught to show for it. Is there a way for me to show my pride and appreciation for my time in the illustrious Stony Brook High C's by owning a customized clothing article of my very own?" 
Why yes, oddly articulate alumnus, there is! If you are an alumnus of the High C's and want a sweatshirt with our logo and your name on it, shoot us an email and we'd be happy to put in an order for you! We've also got some fan gear in the works, so as always, we'll let you know as things progress. All clothing courtesy of

Check back here or on our Facebook/Twitter for more info as it arises! Don't forget to Like and Follow us as well, it makes us feel important.
Come check us out tomorrow, February 9th from 12-2 PM, at the Spring Semester Involvement Fair. If you're looking to join a club at Stony Brook, look no further! All of the university's clubs, organizations, fraternities and sororities (including the High C's, of course) are lining up in the Student Activities Center to show their stuff to prospective new members. That said, we're unfortunately not holding auditions this semester, as we are full to capacity. If you are interested in joining the High C's, however, keep an eye on the Facebook, Twitter, campus billboards or right here on the blog for any information on auditions for the 2011-2012 semester!

Do you have a suggestion for a song you think we should arrange and perform? Let us know! Post a comment on our Facebook Page, leave a comment on the blog post or shoot us a Tweet!
The south has SoJam. The west coast has the Los Angeles A Cappella Festival. What do the northeast or mid-atlantic have as far as a cappella events go? Unfortunately, not a thing...

Until now.

This May, Stony Brook University will be host to the first annual North Atlantic A Cappella Festival! This will be a massive gathering of a cappella groups, both from high schools and colleges as well as professional ensembles, from across the northeastern United States and Canada. We'll have competitions for the school groups and classes or seminars for any who are interested in learning techniques. It's an event not just for those interested in a cappella, but for anyone who loves music and a good time! It's still in the planning stages so we will update you, our amazing fans, every step of the way, right here as well as on our Facebook and Twitter!

Check out our Facebook at and our Twitter at!/SBHighCs!
Sorry for the wait! We've got a whole lot of new stuff we're planning and working on.

Arrangements for the Backstreet Boys'
I Want It That Way, John Mayer's Why, Georgia, Taio Cruz's Break Your Heart, B.o.B's Nohtin' On You and Autotune the News/Antoine Dodson's Bed Intruder are under way and sounding pretty sweet! We've also got something special planned for the website, so keep an eye out...

As for gigs, November is a hot month this year. We're going to the JCC in Manhattan to perform for their Performing Arts program, and we have our own concert, Sing For Your A Cafcation, in the Sac Ballroom! More info will be posted as it arises.
The High C's are finally done with the audition process, and we have seven - that's right, SEVEN -  new members to show for it! Congratulations to Sean LynchJoey Spitaleri, Solomon Husain, Daniel Jacala, Tim Chu,  Mykola Vasyl'yevand Ben Hart the newest additions to the High C's family! We all look forward to what you all will bring to the group and can't wait to perform with you!

We also have a ton of new pictures up and, might we say, they are gorgeous. Check them out in the Snapshots section here or on our Facebook page! Our heartfelt thanks go out to Samantha Burkardt and Smile Through Life Photography.
Welcome back, loyal fans of the High C's! We missed you too. We've got a lot of news to kick off the new school year.

Come check us out at the Involvement Fair on Wednesday during Campus Life Time at the SAC Plaza. Should the weather be unfavorable, the fair will be held in one of the SAC ballrooms. The Involvement Fair is a chance for all of Stony Brook's clubs and organizations to show their stuff to prospective students, an we finally have a table this year!

Sorry for yelling, but it's important. If you like what you see at the Involvement Fair and would like to try out, come down to the music wing of the Staller Center for the Arts at 8:00 on Thursday. Come prepared with a short solo that you feel best suits your voice. All male singers are encouraged to try out!

Finally, we are giving you, the fans, the opportunity to see us live in our own concert: Sing For Your A Cafication!
Sing For Your A Cafication will be held on November 19th in the SAC Auditorium for the low, low price of FREE! We'll keep you posted with more information as it arises.



We are looking all of those fans who have images or videos of the High C's to be submitted and possibly featured on our website!

Have Images? Send the files to or upload them to our Facebook Fan Page.
We just held our annual e-board elections! So, it should really say "One More Year" but who's counting, right?

And the e-board lineup is...largely unchanged, actually. Randy Pierce Tai, Mike Chipp and Brian Lynch are still our president, secretary and treasurer, respectively. The title of Vice President, however, goes to Jeston Lewis! Congradulations!

The year is wrapping up as we finish off our last few gigs. Thanks to all those who came to the RHA Masquerade Ball! It was a blast! On the 9th, we're being interviewed on WUSB 90.1 FM, the university's radio station! Tune in!

Finally, we're starting a new project for those who wish to participate in a cappella performance over the summer! We'll be collaborating with many new faces to create an enjoyable a cappella experience for both men and women around during the summer!
We had a BLAST at Potsdam! Big thanks go out to the Pitches, the Pointercounts and A Sharp Arrangement for feeding us, housing us, singing with us and, of course, partying with us! We've gotta do it again soon!

We've got our sweatshirts! We'll have plenty of new photos up soon!

We're winding down the semester with a few more gigs on May 1st and May 5th! We'll update with more information within the day.