The High C's - Stony Brook University's All-Male A Cappella Group!
The south has SoJam. The west coast has the Los Angeles A Cappella Festival. What do the northeast or mid-atlantic have as far as a cappella events go? Unfortunately, not a thing...

Until now.

This May, Stony Brook University will be host to the first annual North Atlantic A Cappella Festival! This will be a massive gathering of a cappella groups, both from high schools and colleges as well as professional ensembles, from across the northeastern United States and Canada. We'll have competitions for the school groups and classes or seminars for any who are interested in learning techniques. It's an event not just for those interested in a cappella, but for anyone who loves music and a good time! It's still in the planning stages so we will update you, our amazing fans, every step of the way, right here as well as on our Facebook and Twitter!

Check out our Facebook at and our Twitter at!/SBHighCs!