The High C's - Stony Brook University's All-Male A Cappella Group!
A Cappellooza draws near! The date we're shooting for is Thursday, May 1st, so free up your calendars! We're going to be handing out glossy postcards with all the information you'll need very soon. Thanks to Randy for designing the flyers.

Work on our new material is progressing well. The solo for I've Got A Feeling goes to...well, pretty much everyone! We've split the solo into several different parts, so that one singer sings the opening by Will-I-Am, another singer does the rap right after that, yet another singer sings Fergie's part, etc. It's a feel-good song that we can all participate in (No, we aren't going to do We Are The World).

After Stony Brook's Spring Break, we're going to be hard at work on Why Georgia and Can't Stop!

Because we care.



From now on, the blog will be updating weekly! We want to provide as much information as possible about what we do and how we do it to our devoted fans, and we figure more frequent blog updates is a great way to start! Not only will the blog update more often, but there will be more photos and videos on the site as well!

The planning stages for ACappellooza and our invitational are in full swing. We'll have a list of groups attending the invitational when we have more information, but ACappellooza is featuring the three groups here at Stony Brook: the Vocalists, the Pipettes and, of course, the High C's! If you are on campus, keep your eye out for flyers and members handing out cards with show info.

Uprising, Cupid's Chokehold and I Want It That Way are finished! The work, however doesn't stop there. We've got a new batch of songs on the way, including Why, Georgia by John Mayer, I've Got A Feeling by The Black Eyed Peas and Can't Stop by Red Hot Chili Peppers. Hopefully these will be ready by spring!

Also, the apostrophe in "C's" is, in fact, grammatically correct.