The High C's - Stony Brook University's All-Male A Cappella Group!
We had a BLAST at Potsdam! Big thanks go out to the Pitches, the Pointercounts and A Sharp Arrangement for feeding us, housing us, singing with us and, of course, partying with us! We've gotta do it again soon!

We've got our sweatshirts! We'll have plenty of new photos up soon!

We're winding down the semester with a few more gigs on May 1st and May 5th! We'll update with more information within the day.



You have TWO chances to support the High C's (and a cappella at Stony Brook) tomorrow! First up is A Cappellooza! We'll be showcasing the three a cappella groups at Stony Brook in SAC Ballroom B at 8:00 tomorrow night! Immediately after that show, we'll be going to Mendelsohn Quad to sing at Do It In The Dark, a solar-powered rock concert! Did I mention that both of them are TOTALLY FREE? You can come see some great music at two separate shows at no cost to you! Boy, generosity feels great!

On Saturday, we're driving up north to perform at the Potsdam Pitches 3rd Annual Invitational! We'll be performing with two groups from SUNY Potsdam: The Pitches and A Sharp Arrangement! Many thanks go out to these groups for giving us the great opportunity to sing with them! If you're in the area, come support us! Check out the Potsdam Pitches and A Sharp Arrangement below!

The Potsdam Pitches -
A Sharp Arrangement -
Okay, they're sweatshirts. But they have our names on them!

...I mean, they will once they're made!

Anyway, there's not a whole lot to report that hasn't been reported last time. Saturday at 9:30 we're performing for Admitted Students Day in the Athletics Center. Thursday, the 22nd, is A Cappellooza in SAC Ballroom B, featuring The High C's, The Vocalists, and The Pipettes. Next Saturday, the 24th, we're driving up to Potsdam to perform with the Pitches.

Work on Poker Face and Can't Stop is going well! Still a bit of polishing to do on Can't Stop, plus we still need to audition a soloist, but Poker Face could be ready by Potsdam!

The High C's are going to be holding auditions in the fall! If you're interested, keep an eye on the blog for information on dates and how to prepare!
We've got a sudden surge of gigs! Tonight at 7 we're performing at a benefit concert in the SAC, but in the next few weeks the good stuff starts!

On Saturday, April 17th, we're performing at Admitted Students Day. High school students who have been admitted to Stony Brook are visiting one last time before the start college in the fall, so we're gonna show them in right!

The very next weekend, the 24th of April, we're heading up to SUNY Potsdam to perform with the Potsdam Pitches! Look out for us!

On April 22nd, we're holding our second annual A Cappellooza! It's a joint concert featuring the three Stony Brook a cappella groups: ourselves, the Vocalists and the Pipettes!

Finally, on May 1st, we're performing at the Residence Hall Association's Masquerade B
No, we're not, April Fools.

Now that that's out of the way, time for the real news. It's spring break for us here at Stony Brook, so any musical work has been sadly nonexistent since last week. That said, we've still got some gigs coming up!

On Saturday, April 17th, we are performing at Admitted Students Day in the arena. We'll be showing our stuff to high school students recently admitted to SBU as they come for one last visit. Exciting! The weekend after that, on the 24th, we MIGHT be heading up to SUNY Potsdam! More information to come soon.