The High C's - Stony Brook University's All-Male A Cappella Group!

I'm not dead yet!


We're back! Miss us? I would if I were you, 'cause we've got a big update!

We've got a big show on the horizon. Not only is it our final concert, but a collaboration concert with SBU's all-female a cappella group, the Pipettes! Come to the SAC Auditorium at 8:00 PM on May 7th and you get to hear both groups in one show! We'll also be singing a certain song together so, if anything, come for the High C's and the Pipette's first group performance! Also, just 'cause we like you, the show is absolutely free, so invite your friends! We've got a few smaller gigs before that as well. Later this week, we'll be performing for both Black Womyn's Weekend and Do It In the Dark, a solar powered concert hosted by the Environmental Club. Black Womyn's Weekend is Thursday at 6PM in the SAC Auditorium, and Do It In the Dark is on Friday at 9PM in Roth Quad.  Come check us out!

The school year is almost over, so that means we need to elect a new Executive Board! No offense, Randy, Brian, Jeston and Chipp, you've done well! Sadly, we must elect a new e-board because our group constitution tells us to. Tune in next week to see who's gonna be what next semester!

This next bit is important, so listen up! Sonos, a professional group that has not only heavily inspired us but personally given us help in the past, have launched a Kickstarter project to help finance their new album. Their album will feature all original music arranged by themselves, and YOU can help it along! By donating anything from $5 to $5,000 (if you have that kind of disposable income), you'll bring them closer to financing the album. Herein lies the problem. Kickstarter will only fund the album if a minimum of $25,000 is pledged. This money will be used to make the album, purchase newer equipment, and revamping their live show. The thing is, Sonos will get none of it unless that total is reached by May 1st at 3:00 AM EST, which is around 3 days from now. The good news is that, at the time of this blog entry, Sonos has already raised $23,817! With your help, this project can easily reach the $25,000 mark by tomorrow night! By donating, you will not only be helping a very talented group of people make some amazing music, but you will also receive a free copy of the album upon it's completion! You can find all the information for the donation drive at, and you can check out Sonos below. Thank you!

The Pipettes -
High C's/Pipettes Collab Concert -!/event.php?eid=110352409049935
Sonos -

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