The High C's - Stony Brook University's All-Male A Cappella Group!
We've got a sudden surge of gigs! Tonight at 7 we're performing at a benefit concert in the SAC, but in the next few weeks the good stuff starts!

On Saturday, April 17th, we're performing at Admitted Students Day. High school students who have been admitted to Stony Brook are visiting one last time before the start college in the fall, so we're gonna show them in right!

The very next weekend, the 24th of April, we're heading up to SUNY Potsdam to perform with the Potsdam Pitches! Look out for us!

On April 22nd, we're holding our second annual A Cappellooza! It's a joint concert featuring the three Stony Brook a cappella groups: ourselves, the Vocalists and the Pipettes!

Finally, on May 1st, we're performing at the Residence Hall Association's Masquerade B

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