The High C's - Stony Brook University's All-Male A Cappella Group!



You have TWO chances to support the High C's (and a cappella at Stony Brook) tomorrow! First up is A Cappellooza! We'll be showcasing the three a cappella groups at Stony Brook in SAC Ballroom B at 8:00 tomorrow night! Immediately after that show, we'll be going to Mendelsohn Quad to sing at Do It In The Dark, a solar-powered rock concert! Did I mention that both of them are TOTALLY FREE? You can come see some great music at two separate shows at no cost to you! Boy, generosity feels great!

On Saturday, we're driving up north to perform at the Potsdam Pitches 3rd Annual Invitational! We'll be performing with two groups from SUNY Potsdam: The Pitches and A Sharp Arrangement! Many thanks go out to these groups for giving us the great opportunity to sing with them! If you're in the area, come support us! Check out the Potsdam Pitches and A Sharp Arrangement below!

The Potsdam Pitches -
A Sharp Arrangement -

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