The High C's - Stony Brook University's All-Male A Cappella Group!
A big, big thank you goes out to everyone who attended the Meet & Greet Session last week! It was great getting to know you and performing for you; we hope some of you consider trying out!

Speaking of which, auditions are rapidly approaching! We will be holding auditions Tuesday, September 13th and Thursday the 15th at 8:30 PM, meeting in the Staller Music Lobby. Callbacks will be on the 18th at the same time. Any and all interested males are welcome to audition for us. If you are interested, you only need to show up on one of the dates highlighted above, and all you need to prepare is a verse and chorus of any song that you feel best fits your voice. Good luck to all who decide to audition, we look forward to hearing you!

We've spent the summer finding ways to jam pack the coming semesters with sweet a cappella goodness. We've got three major concerts and an invitational, an awesome guest speaker, an honest-to-God CD AND a Christmas EP, and an overhaul of both our repertoire and website! Plus, we've been invited to sing at a wedding in Manhattan! Phew! We'll be working hard to bring the best Stony Brook's a cappella scene has to offer, so stay tuned for plenty of information on all the stuff I just mentioned!

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